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The Coming Big Pharma Meltdown: An $8.3 billion market disrupted

7 Surprising Reasons This biotech stock could triple in 2015.

    Dear Investor,

    Over 334 million Americans take prescription pain medicine – drugs that come with terrible side effects and addiction.

    Take OxyContin®, for example. The prescription drug produces $2,535,000 in U.S. sales alone.

    Currin believes a new pain breakthrough could be a disruptive force.

    "Investors," he notes, "should know that OxyContin®, Vicodin®, Lidoderm®, Fentanyl® and Opana ER® are in danger of obsolescence."

    And Currin has a long, consistent track record for success.

    Just look at these biotech winners he disclosed to his subscribers:

Company Ticker Gain Months Held
Incyte INCY 405% 48
Pharmacyclics, Inc. PCYC 2,320% 48
Cepheid CPHD 178% 53
Genomic Health GHDX 132% 53
Cellceutix Corp. CTIX 108% 24

   His portfolios have been rated #1 by MarketWatch Hubert Digest Rating Service an incredible 5 times. Now Mr. Currin believes a new pick could do as well or better than anything he’s seen in years.


   The 7 surprising reasons are detailed in a free Special Report Innovation for the largest global prescription market – Relmada takes aim at the mega market in pain written by Mr. Currin. Here are the highlights:

Reason #1: Relmada is a disruptive biotech breakthrough.

   Rick Currin always looks for trends...especially something that can change the marketplace for a decade.

   This patented technology could be one of those mega disruptive trends.

   Relmada is revolutionizing the $8.3 billion pain management industry with a pipeline of products, some in late stage trials.

   Relmada's potentially disruptive pain management products could grab a huge share of the market from OxyContin®, Vicodin®, Lidoderm®, Fentanyl® and Opana ER®. It could even make some opioid pain products obsolete.

   These antiquated painkillers have negative side effects, such as:


   And worse, addiction. Relmada’s patented  product limits these side effects, is less addictive, and is more effective in stopping pain that subscriptions currently written worth billions of dollars.

Reason #2: Huge market and growing demand

   Rick Currin points out that this market is huge – really huge.

   How big?

334 million prescription patients in the U.S., the largest in the world.
1.5 billion worldwide

   Millions visit the doctor's office for pain, more than anything else, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

   For doctors and patients, the Relmada alternative is irresistible.

Reason #3: Profitable market

   The pain management market is incredibly profitable – and large.

Just look at these current sales:

Brand Name Product Yearly Sales in Millions
OxyContin® Oxycodone $2,535
Vicodin®* Hydrocodone/APAP $1,051
Lidoderm® Lidocaine patch $948
Fentanyl®* Fentanyl $862
Opana ER® Oxymorphone $386

  That's $4.7 billion in total sales for non-narcotic products. It's $8.3 billion for narcotic product sales, almost double the sales for non-narcotic pain medication.

    And Relmada has solutions for narcotic and non-narcotic products, with fewer side effects...

Reason #4: Comprehensive solution

   Relmada has four products. Each targets different pain management levels.

   All without the terrible side effects of current drugs, fewer addictions and with superior pain management.

Reason #5: The key to success is management

   The management of the company is extremely powerful and effective. Take just the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Eliseo Salinas, history of success:

Product Sales Type Peak Sales in Millions
TysabrI® Worldwide $1,631
Sonata® USA $120
Vyvanse® USA $1,228
Lialda® USA & Europe $529
Intuniv® USA $335
Adderall XR® North America $1,102
Fosrenol® Worldwide $441
Daytrana® USA $79
Efexor XR® Worldwide $3,928

   The team is like a who's who in public company success.

Reason #6: Biotech acquisitions

   Currin believes this company will succeed, and its stock could skyrocket with no acquisitions.

   But realistically, the Big Pharma companies that will potentially be hurt by these innovations may attempt to acquire the company – to early investors' advantage.

Reason #7: The company is moving fast for success with special FDA favor

   The disruptive breakthrough should create an amazing opportunity for investors in 2015. The company is on a fast track for FDA approval – not the grueling years and years FDA approval normally takes.

   The FDA granted Relmada a special favor: 505(b)(2) status. It allows Relmada to bring its products to market at lower risk, lower cost, and faster than typical drug development.
2015 should be Relmada's big year, according to Currin.

   Mr. Currin has written a special report on the company for his subscribers, Innovation for the largest global prescription market – Relmada takes aim at the mega market in pain management.

   You can receive a free copy of the report by clicking here. Or you can subscribe to the Currin BioTech Newsletter and get all his winning biotech picks.

   And as a subscriber, you can follow the development of Relmada as Currin monitors the stock's progress for you.

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